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Common bankruptcy concerns

Experienced Bolingbrook Bankruptcy Lawyer

Call or email Gerald Bauer Jr. an experienced Bolingbrook Bankruptcy Attorney today to discuss your concerns about filing for Bankruptcy. As an experienced Bolingbrook Bankruptcy Lawyer Gerald Bauer Jr. is consistently confronted with clients everyday who have common concerns and various misconceptions about the bankruptcy process. The following is a list of common statements/questions this Bolingbrook Bankruptcy Attorney gets asked on a daily basis:

  • "If I file for Bankruptcy, everybody, including my family and friends will know about it."
    - Not true. Unless you are a celebrity or other high profile individual, the only people that will know about your Bankruptcy filing is you and your creditors (and your creditors will stop contacting you upon the filing of your Bankruptcy petition).

  • "If I file for Bankruptcy I'll lose everything, my house, my car, etc."
    - Not true. Most, if not all of my clients, who file for Bankruptcy get to keep all of their personal belongings and are not forced to sell/lose anything.

  • "I talked to my husband or wife and he or she does not want to file with me, so I guess I can't file."
    - Not true. If you are married you do not have to file together. I have had numerous clients who were married where only one of them filed for Bankruptcy simply because all or most of the debt was in one spouse's name or simply because the other spouse did not want to file.

  • "If I file for Bankruptcy I'll never be able to get credit again to buy a house, car, etc."
    - Not true. Almost immediately after your Bankruptcy Discharge you should begin to receive credit card offers in the mail, granted they may not be at an ideal rate or for a large amount of credit, however, as time goes by and if you are able to show that you can make your payments when due, over time your rate will go down while your limit will go up. Also, an individual is eligible for FHA financing to purchase a home 2 years after the discharge of his or her Bankruptcy case.

  • "Only 'deadbeats' file for Bankruptcy."
    - Not true. The United States Bankruptcy Code is in place to protect individuals like yourself who fall on hard times and offer you a fresh start. Many people, including well known individuals like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Walt Disney, Mark Twain and Larry King, have filed for Bankruptcy and were able to obtain their fresh start allowing them to go on and live productive financial lives.

Bolingbrook Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

The Bolingbrook, Illinois Law Office of Gerald Bauer Jr. has helped many individuals in Bolingbrook, Illinois file for Bankruptcy and get out of debt.

Bolingbrook Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Contact the Bolingbrook Bankruptcy Law Office of Gerald Bauer Jr. today for your free consultation to discuss your common concerns you may have about the Bankruptcy process.