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Filing Bankruptcy on medical bills

Covering Necessary Medical Services

If you or a loved one were sick or injured and needed medical treatment and now have outstanding bills to cover, I can help. In the unfortunate circumstance where sickness or injury strikes an individual it can be quite expensive for that individual to receive the necessary medical treatment.

Lack of insurance or underinsurance and the already high cost of medical care can leave families and individuals owing several thousands of dollars in medical bill debt.

To pay for these medical bills, some people end up forced to sell items of important or sentimental value, such as cars and in extreme cases, their own homes.

Whether you live in Blue Island, IL or Crestwood, IL, Oak Forest, IL or Tinley Park, IL, we are all susceptible of getting sick or injured. If you are suffering from financial hardship brought on by overwhelming medical bills, contact my office today.

Contact an Illinois Debt Solutions Attorney

We can all become sick or injured, that doesn't mean we should lose our livelihood as a result of it. Contact an experienced Debt Relief Attorney today and we will find a solution that will help eliminate your medical bill debt.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.