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Oak Forest Creditor Harassment Lawyer

Wage Garnishments

In the recent state of the market, more and more people are having serious difficulties making ends meet. Bills such as housing, gasoline, and food can start to take priority over keeping up with additional bills. A temporary inability to keep up with bills can eventually lead to even more financial burden, including wages being garnished. Income reduction in an already stressful financial situation is a problematic matter that can be difficult to resolve without legal representation.

With my experience as an Oak Forest creditor harassment attorney, I have helped numerous clients remove wage garnishments.

I can help you keep your income so that you may put it to use for you and your family, rather than paying hopeless credit card balances, discouraging medical bills and the numerous other debts that haunt everyday people experiencing financial difficulty.

I can provide legal help which stops creditor harassment, and establish a workable solution. If we decide that bankruptcy is your best option, we will be able to stop and remove your wage garnishments.


During financial struggle, there can be the risk of having your car or vehicle repossessed. For most people, this is one of the worst situations to be in, as it affects an individual or a family's ability to get to work and earn money. With filing bankruptcy, I can help stop your car from being repossessed and establish a better solution.

Contact an Oak Forest, Illinois Debt Collection Attorney

If you are experiencing harassing phone calls from creditors or other bill collectors, contact my office today. As your debt relief lawyer, I will help you resolve your financial difficulties for a fresh start in your finances.