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Aurora bankruptcy lawyer

If you are facing financial trouble and considering bankruptcy, Gerald Bauer can help. He provides a free initial consultation in his Aurora, Bolingbrook or Oak Forest Office and can help you understand the protections available to you under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

Keep your Cars and House

Contrary to popular belief, a great majority of people keep both their cars and home after filing bankruptcy. You are allowed certain exemptions for other types of personal property such as jewelry or recreational items as well. Do not assume that you will lose everything after filing bankruptcy, work with an experienced Aurora bankruptcy lawyer to understand what you can gain, and what you may have to sell, to get a fresh financial start.

Causes of Bankruptcy - Free Bankruptcy Consultation in Aurora

Two of the leading causes of bankruptcy are high credit card debt, and extensive medical bill debt. Gerald Bauer has helped hundreds of people who were struggling to simply make their minimum installment payments on credit card and medical debt. When large debt is combined with late payment penalties and high interest rates, it can be very difficult to catch up. Let Gerald Bauer explain your options for re-organizing (in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy) or discharging / eliminating (in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy) your debts during a free consultation in one of his offices in Aurora, Bolingbrook or Oak Forest.

Options Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code

Many people believe that they will not qualify to file for bankruptcy. The fact is, a great majority of people DO qualify, it's just a matter of what chapter they qualify for. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are generally not required to pay any of your debts back. You need to make below a certain annual income to qualify for Chapter 7 banruptcy.

If your income is too high to file Chapter 7, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can still provide the same protection, but it comes with a payment plan. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can still make a massive impact on helping you get back on your feet because it manages your monthly payments and can negotiate down high interest rates and penalities, helping you pay off the principle of your debt much faster.

For more information, call Gerald Bauer at 630-966-2505 for a free initial consultation at one of his Illinois offices.

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