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Illinois Bankruptcy attorney

Ensuring a Workable Solution

As an experienced Illinois bankruptcy lawyer, I have helped clients in a wide range of cases, including:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

This form of bankruptcy is geared to help people get out of debt by helping them eliminate their credit card bills, medical bills, personal loans and various other debts.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

This form of bankruptcy is geared to help people reorganize their debts by creating a workable payment plan to help save their home from foreclosure, keep them in possession of personal or real property that contains a significant amount of equity, or to provide relief to the "high income" debtor.

Stop Foreclosure:

As an Orland Park foreclosure defense lawyer, I have experience helping clients save their home from a foreclosure sale. I discuss the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy process with my clients and how it can save their home from foreclosure.

Credit Card Debt:

I help my clients understand the pros and cons of making the minimum credit card payments for 25 - 30 years versus discharging them in a bankruptcy. The effect on their credit score in both situations, and the best course of action for each individual client in living a debt free life and how to get out of debt.

Medical Bill Debt:

Unfortunately in this life we do not have total control over our health, and sometimes we are burdened by health ailments that result in large medical bills. In today's economy it is hard enough for families to "put food on the table" and to provide a "roof over their heads" let alone pay large medical bills resulting from something out of their control. I work with each client to either have their medical bills discharged completely in a chapter 7 bankruptcy or to help them pay a manageable amount in a chapter 13 bankruptcy and get out of debt.

Cars and Property Exemption:

Just because you file for bankruptcy doesn't mean you will lose your home or car. In fact, the majority of my clients are able to retain their homes and/or cars. Before I help my clients file for bankruptcy, I carefully review the potential equity in the client's house and/or car and advise them of any "red flags" or other problems that may be present so that they may be confident in making an informed decision and rest assured that their home or car is safe.

Misconceptions about Bankruptcy:

I help my clients understand the realistic outcome of filing for bankruptcy rather than worrying about the myths that surround filing for bankruptcy.

Stop Creditor Harassment:

I can prevent your telephone from causing you unnecessary grief by stopping the unrelenting phone calls from unscrupulous creditors. I help my clients keep their income and use it towards themselves rather than paying wage garnishments or having essential property repossessed.

Life After Bankruptcy:

As an experienced Oak Forest bankruptcy attorney, I assist my clients throughout the bankruptcy process in an honest and upfront manner and help them get out of debt. I have experience handling Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy and can help my clients get back on their feet.

Contact an Illinois Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Attorney

If you are seeking financial relief from credit card debt, medical debt or needing other related debt relief, call office today. Call my office at 708-687-8000 for a free consultation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.